• Frank Makrides

Smarter and Safer Student Movement

Schools need to ensure the safety and whereabouts of children at all times. The greatest worry always occurs when students are moving from one location to another, as this is the time when there is the least amount of student oversight. Many school districts are using software systems created before the pandemic (with some created before the internet). The main issue with these outdated systems is their lack of transparency, creating problems for parents, educators, and administrators. Parents do not have ways to know where the bus is or whether their child has arrived at school. Educators find it difficult and time-consuming for attendance changes to go through. Administrators lack efficient ways to manage the resources they have at their disposal. The current pandemic has only exacerbated these issues, creating rightful concern among parents who are questioning the ability of districts to handle school reopening, especially when using outdated technology.

Enter Cariina, a tech startup founded in 2017 by Boston College students, Matthew Barron and Pedro de Almeida. Cariina software was designed with simplicity and transparency in mind, and in turn, provides peace of mind. For example, the Cariina phone app notifies parents when their child gets on and off the school bus and allows them to track the bus in real-time. The administrative profile allows transportation departments to seamlessly manage their entire system, from routes to driver communications, providing a clear and comprehensive picture of the whole system. The Cariina platform also provides tools for managing extracurricular activities, inventories, schedules, and more. Finally, Carina has released a COVID-19 update, which is a built-in tool in the platform that automatically performs contact tracing for all students in the system. Cariina provides a clear and comprehensive picture of all the events your students and faculty participate in every day!

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