• Frank Makrides

Smart Work Flows For Big Data Using Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Smart workflows for big data using artificial intelligence, or the other term commonly used is IAP (intelligent process automation), tackles the decades long challenges of siloed data and systems within organizations. IAPs replace the people and manual labor intensive tasks within an organization keeping the connectivity between these systems. With these new emerging, simple to use disruptive tools, businesses can now interconnect critical infrastructure to create new business solutions on a massive scale in real-time. This game changer significantly reduces process time, operational risk and cost. An example of this is Queueboo, that was just released by Manrique Feoli of Hound Software. Queueboo is an automated system to manage your engagement with visitors, and much more:

- No waiting lines

- Manage your visitors experience virtually

- Provide maximum social distancing without waiting lines

- Perform a complete automated process

The applications for this are endless for multiple industries, including and not limited to financial, banking, big data, serverless, IoT, manufacturing, medical, healthcare and many more.

Episode links:

Hound Software http://www.houndsoftware.net/

QueueBoo http://www.queueboo.com/

Manrique Feoli's book recommendation, Running Lean By Ash Maurya:

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