• Frank Makrides

Beyond Wifi and 5G With The Internet Of Sound

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

"Think about how many audio speakers you have around you. Not just your Bluetooth and smart speakers, you have a speaker in your phone, laptop, TV, and even your Car. There are audio speakers everywhere, from parking meters to intercoms to ceiling speakers in public places like airports, malls, etc. There are more number of speakers than people on the planet, and Trillbit aims to connect them all to create the "internet of Sound". How does it work :  Even regular speakers that we use today to listen to music, videos or talk can also produce sound in the inaudible range. The sound in these frequencies is not audible to humans, but our devices can still produce them, and microphones can pick them up. They are completely safe and can be used to transfer digital data between devices. This communication potential is incredible, as there is no need for additional hardware, and the solution can be deployed completely on software.  

Value of the Internet of sound :  Today its extremely simple to connect to devices/people who are across the world over the Internet. However, if you have a Samsung phone its extremely difficult to connect to your Apple TV. Think about all the cable in your meeting room, HDMI, fire-cable, display port, VGA, etc. The Internet of sound makes it extremely simple to connect to devices in proximity securely. Seamless, touchless, and secure connection using ubiquitous speakers and microphones. It's much more secure and privacy compliant as it works completely offline and does not need to send any data to servers. 

Use cases :  The use cases are varied, ranging from seamless machine to machine IoT connectivity to user authentication. Here are a few : 

  1. Contactless Payments: Seamless connectivity between a customer and the Point of Sale (POS) for payments over sound. Your favorite coffee shop can establish a sound-based payment network without interrupting the music. 

  2. Machine connectivity: Imagine paying at a parking meter without having to roll down your windows or changing anything in the parking meter itself or paying seamlessly at a kiosk without having to try multiple times to scan your QR code. With data over sound all that is not only possible but already happening. 

  3. Device provisioning: Have you recently set up a smart (wifi enabled ) device on your wifi or worse yet have to change the wifi credential. Its a 4 step process that is not only time consuming but also very prone to hacking. Data over sound makes that a 1 step process which is practically unhackable. 

  4. Cybersecurity: Imagine you never have to type the pesky 2fa codes into your phone/computer, while making the process five times more secure. Multi-factor authentication over sound does just that. 

Crypto article : https://decrypt.co/16900/trillbit-crypto-internet-of-sound-blockchain Trillbit Webpage: https://www.trillbit.com/

Bhaskar Deo's book recommendation: Thinking, Fast and Slow - by Daniel Kahneman:

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